Centre of Excellence in Embedded Development (CEED)

In an attempt to promote HRD in the high-tech sector ALLIT has founded the initiative entitled 'Centre of Excellence in Embedded Development (CEED), Thailand'.
The initiative has gained the support of major players in the industry as well as GOs and universities.
A. Main objectives
I. Promote embedded development and related technologies;
II. Promote human resource development and capacity building for the benefit of the country and its industry;
III. Increase the standard of education, R&D, engineering, product development and production to the level of global competitiveness;
IV. Create a significant number of highly skilled engineers, technology experts and labor in order to address the demand of the industry;
V. Establish a private-public partnership between companies and governmental organizations for the successful implementation of policies, funding and organization of programs and activities of the initiative;
VI. Promote the formation of ventures as part of cooperation with industry;
VII. Promote foreign direct investment;
VIII. Provide a business intelligence platform for industrial policy makers;
IX. Support cooperation with local universities, technical colleges, schools, training centers and other academic institutions with a mandate and determination to create the skilled workforce of the future for the industry;
X. Increase the standing, reputation and performance of the embedded and related ICT sectors in Thailand and create trust in Thai engineering and products ?Made in Thailand?;
XI. Promote technology transfer and technical cooperation;
XII. Gather broad industry and government support for the initiative;
XIII. Strife for excellence and measurable achievement in pursuing the above.
B. Programs & activities:
CEED shall offer training on advanced technologies to outstanding engineers and scientists and engage in joint development projects with the industry. In doing so CEED will act as a catalyst for public-private partnership while providing the interface to the latest technologies and the people behind them.
CEED will initially focus on the following sectors of embedded development:
wireless networked sensor technologies
chipset and firmware development
ARM core, FPGA and DSP platforms
cost-efficient embedded device concepts for mass production
embedded Linux
More information on programs will be made available as the working plan 2006 / 2007 has been adopted by the board and the advisory panel.

CEED programs will start in November 2006.
C. CEED Organization
CEED is an initiative and not an organization.

Programs and activities are coordinated by ALLIT and its partners and carried out in an unilateral, bilateral or multilateral way between supporters of the initiative.

CEED is funded by ventures, donations, projects and general commecial and industry activities. Contributions can be material (funds, SDKs and other equipment etc.) or non-material (i.e. know-how, technology, services, facilities etc.).
CEED is an independent initiative supported by the industry and not part or subset of other programs or subject to external governance.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 30 August 2006 )