Academic Collaboration Program

ALLIT maintains an Academic Collaboration Program started in June, 2004 aimed at establishing joint R&D initiatives between industry and academic institutions.

The program is focusing on applied research, technology transfer and commercialization of new technologies in general. It also contains objectives related to capacity building, investment promotion and industrial joint-ventures.

ALLIT maintains close linkage and active R&D programs with several major universities in Thailand and abroad.

The major activities of this program can be summarized as follows:
 R&D programs and projects focusing on embedded devices, RF and antenna engineering, location-based services, sensors and hard- and software in general
 Training programs, work-shops and awareness seminars
  Internships at ALLIT or partner organizations
  Conferences, presentations and exhibitions
  Participation in expert forums and working groups
  Joint publications
The main objectives are:
  build a strong presence in the region which can compete with other groups or collaborate as equal
  shape the engineers of tomorrow by training them today
  get the funds and means to get initiatives off the ground
  create one of the world?s strongest groups in the field of embedded development that is ALWAYS at the cutting edge of technology
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 07 March 2006 )