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Content management systems (CMS)

ALLIT offers a wide range of customization, integration and add-on development for a variety of PHP, JSP and ASP based CMS. Amongst others we have experience in
- JOOMLA incl. add-ons such as Virtuemart
- Drupal
- WordPress
- SugarCRM
- Friendica
- IBM Websphere Portal Server









Stainless steel cold rolled coil (304, 316, 445)

Stainless steel prices have seen record highs in the last couple of years. Much of it can be attributed to increased demand and skyrocketing Nickel prices as well as market cartellization.
At the same time the manufacturing industry has experienced huge problems with cost pressure, rising energy prices and quality problems. Thai producers in particular have suffered from strong competition, yet we believe that quality and innovation is the key to success as market demand for high-quality stainless product is quickly rising and consumer awareness of low quality 200 series 'stainless' steel products from China and India has greatly improved. Who hasn't seen 'stainless' steel kitchenware rusting to pieces, 'stainless' steel pipes corroding within months in tropical climate or horrific accidents caused by low quality steel used in amusement parks where joint corrosion as well as non-stainless screws led to the collapse of structures.
In this respect, we have deciced to revive our steel trading traditions and help local producers obtain quality material at rock-bottom prices for their production. Our pooling system allows ordering of smaller quantities at better prices and provides higher price stability.
Furthermore, innovative products such as the new 445 high-tech steel helps producers of water tanks, metal roofing or kitchen sinks to replace 304 and save up to 30%. 445 adds Niobium and Titanium to achieve even higher corrosion resistance than 304 while providing superior hardness and yield stress values.
Contact us today and we will provide you with the best prices and full service to move to 445!







Holistic ICT consulting

Most prominent ICT statistics state that the biggest costs in the industry stem from bad ICT investments that were based on the wrong decisions. 
We offer you our services at any stage of your product and give you the information you really need to build up your ICT strategy.
Research > Development > Know-how > Analysis > Consulting > Planning > Realization / Engineering / Deployment > Operation > Maintenance

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 May 2004 )


Frontier development services

Apart from the integration, customization and advancement of existing technologies we like to engage in frontier development where new technology is needed to but not yet commercially available.
In this context we actively collaborate with partners in the academic world and R&D oriented NGOs world-wide. Our main R&D focus is
- positioning technologies (terrestrial and satellite based)
- multi-casting and streaming media in mobile networks
- non-intrusive DB engine concepts
- biometrics, smartcards and PKI
- e-Government and e-Business concepts
- Information Design
- AI and Virtual Reality (VR) concepts
We offer services for the establishment of public and private R&D programmes for the above including initial consulting (see also ICT consulting).


Firewall, routers and xDSL

Tuesday, 11 May 2004
ALLIT has inhouse know-how for the general management and deployment of xDSL infrastructure incl. xDSL concentrators and routers. Our experience includes g.SHDSL, g.SDSL, ADSL and HDSL.
Further, we can plan and deploy your hardware firewall and general routing architecture.









WiFi and WiMAX

 Due to our focus on wireless applications we have many years of experience with the deployment of WiFi and WiMAX infrastructure. We offer hotspot and wireless bridge deployment as well as long-distance point-to-point connections using parabolic grid antennas.

Furthermore, we are specialists in deploying inner city hotzones and solutions for providers of streaming audio and video over IP.
Aditionally, we directly import high performance connectors, lightning protection and antennas at groundbreaking prices directly form the factory, providing customers with affordable solutions especially for large scale deployments such as
 -Indoor and outdoor WiFi Hotzones for airports, restaurants, cafés and hotels
 -Housing projects
 -Apartment buildings
 -Inner city networks
 -Tower to tower communication
 -Long-distance rural communication with up to 20km
Amongst others we offer
 -Parabolic grid antennas for long distance wireless links (up to 10 km)
 -Panel / sector antennas for mid to long distance base station downlinks (up to 500 m)
 -Omni directional dipole antennas for hotzones (up to 250m)
 -Directional YAGI antennas for base-station to house transfer (up to 500m)
 -Indoor wall and ceiling antennas (up to 50m)
 -Notebook and indoor hotspot antennas (approx. 30-50m)
We only select the most robust and ruggedized antennas to ensure trouble free operation over many years even in demanding tropical climates with high humidity, storms and hig temperatures.
The ALLIT team of engineers helps you to plan even the most daring wireless Internet topologies and can provide you with future proof infrastructure that can enable dual-mode WiFi and WiMAX operation simply by remote configuration. This helps you to protect your investments into wireless routers and antennas.

If you like you can outsource maintenance or operation to our qualified staff or superior partners in your region. ALLIT also offers training on wireless security and network operations for ASPs, ISPs and corporate network operators.
We also provide turn key solution for wireless IP cameras, sensors and other security applications.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 05 May 2007 )









Standard networks

ALLIT offers network construction services incl. low-level construction services for standard structured CAT 5e and CAT6 cableing as well as single-mode and multi-mode fiber optics. We can deploy passive and active network components for small and mid-size infrastructure or manage larger projects with sub-contractors where more technicians are needed.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 12 May 2004 )





MCU firmware development

 We offer firmware development services for a variety of industrial 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit MCUs. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 12 May 2004 )


Bluetooth firmware development

We offer firmware development services for the following Bluetooth platforms:

- Zeevo

These service include custom application development for Bluetooth device integration scenarios.


Server and middleware development

In 2002 we have started the Universal Navigation System initiative and decided to develop geo-middleware for mobile applications. In this context we closely cooperate with leading producers of GIS and geo-middleware to streamline development and enforce interoperability of our Location Server (LS) components.
Our main development targets lie in pre- and postprocessing as well as DB-centric high-performance cluster-proven middleware architecture for cell phone networks.
At present the UNS Location Server (LS) is in BETA stage and due for release in Summer 2004.