Innovative selective soldering nozzles launched

Selective soldering in lead-free is a very demanding application. Most solder nozzles in the market feature only a limited life-time and have to be replaced frequently. As such the cost of spare-parts and downtimes, rework and service has become a key constraint to the quickly growing field of selective soldering applications.

On request of a renowned producer of automatic selective soldering machines we have developed a series of high temperature nozzles that can outperform the competition by longevity, design and operating cost. The TGE-HTN series resists corrosion in oxidizing atmospheres to temperatures of over 750°C far above the required operating temperature for lead-free solder. This is being accomplished by the use of advanced ceramics and nano-material coatings developed by ALLIT.

The TGE-HTN series is also a uniquely modular design with a replaceable tip and inlays - much like a fountain pen. This simplifies service and reduces cost as you don't have to remove the entire nozzle any more to change wave pattern or replace a tip.

TGE HTN Selective Soldering Nozzles

But this isn't all: it also applies a new patent pending wave guide design that allows to shape the solder wave in 3 dimensions and provides for a wide variety of wave shapes to fit your soldering application. Retrofitting has never been that easy!

There are a total of 30 standard models available fitting practically all flow-rates and wave sizes and our quick custom adapter design service allows for easy integration in most machines.

The series is currently being integrated into Chinese selective soldering machines and will be distributed in China shortly - we will provide links to these products as soon as the machines are available.

Integrator and end-user retrofit requests are welcome. If you want to know more please contact us.