ALLIT develops new multipurpose dispensing valve

In the past year we had received inquiries by electronics and pharmaceutical companies regarding the development of customized dispensing, glueing and fluxing valves. When reviewing existing designs we discovered that many specialized valves were coming in at a high price point, yet offered little flexibility nor easy maintenance. In fact, most valves are not designed to be serviced, they are designed to be replaced. While this might be economical for a USD 20 valve it might represent a problem for companies running machines with hundreds of valve at USD 200 and above.

In this respect we have come up with a new modular, multi-purpose valve that combines a unified valve body with different actuator and nozzle options. What's more the valve can operate over a wide pressure range and offer as many as 8 different operational modes ranging from pulse mode to continuous operation. It can cope with fluids as light as flux and as thick as solder paste or glue.

The valve body comes in two form factor compatible versions made either of SS316 or PEEK thermoplastic making it both FDA compliant and highly corrosion resistant. What's more high end solenoid and seals components Made in USA as well as FKM seal rings provide for a long product life. But even if a seal, actuator or nozzle fails it can be replaced easily without the need to purchase a new valve.

In addition to the above military grade thermal design and electronic solenoid drivers further extend product life while saving power and reducing component wear.

The new product will first be introduced in Q1/2017 via system builders to the Chinese and SE-Asia markets with a range of selective soldering configurations.

 ALLIT UniNOZ multi-functional valve