ALLIT develops innovative IR heating panels

Nano material IR emitter plate
IR emitter plate
ALLIT has developed a new low-cost infra-red (IR) heating panel applying several advanced material coatings produced in-house. The technology had originally been developed for the production of non-structural semiconductor substrates used in solid state lighting assemblies. However, the low cost and advanced properties of the materials made them suitable for other industrial applications requiring customized thermal properties.

The innovative panels are initially aimed at replacing overpriced IR curing solutions in SMT assemblies where the price is created by lack of cheaper alternatives. Using three entirely different layers of nano and micro materials with different properties the panels form a high-quality metal assembly with excellent thermal emissivity. Its design is aimed at reducing the energy consumption of power hungry heater panels by up to 50% resulting in an immediate saving for the operator. At the same time panels cost roughly half of similar panels but in stark contrast are made of a higher percentage of valuable standard materials such as steel and aluminium.

The materials used are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and also protect the panels from corrosion for a very, very long time. They are also extremely heat resistant allowing operations of up to 900°C depending on the heating element type. The standard panels for SMT are optimized for a heating range of up to 400°C in continuous operation and are based on 1,000W heating elements.

The panels will be initially introduced to the SMT market via our Chinese partner company specialized in SMT ovens.

The coating solutions will also be made available for other industrial high-temperature applications as well as specialized corrosion protection solutions.