ALLIT electronic dimming ballast wins 1st place in SME section

STI Award 2015 1st place in SME section for electronic dimming ballast















I am happy to announce that we have received the prestigious STI Award 2015 for our new industrial electronic dimming ballast and control system.

The ELDB combines state-of-the-art energy saving features and reduces electronic waste by being repairable. Unlike most other smart ballasts it combines with a multi-channel, multi-mode and multi-standard control system designed for reducing deployment cost in industrial and farming applications. One controller can control up to six channels with up to 20 fluorescent ballasts each without the need of an expensive communications modem or new wiring. At the same time the control system features sensor inputs and digital outputs while being able to communicate via standard bus systems, WiFi, LAN, ZigBee, Bluetooth or power line communication.

Moreover, the product supports full color mixing using inexpensive fluorescent lamps including many advanced color spaces such as RGB, RGB-Y, RGB-WW, RGB-CW, RGB-UV etc. This fits the special needs of not only architectural but also agricultural, live stock and industrial applications.

Examples are chicken houses, green houses, food processing and food displays.