New LPC2388 industrial control board

LPC-2388 ARM Board ports view

Our embedded systems engineers have spun this generic embedded board for industrial control applications. It is based on the NXP LPC-2388 and features LAN, USB OTG / Host, 2 serial ports, CAN BUS (via adapter board), line-in and audio-out ports and a full-size SD card slot.

It can be extended via daughter boards to break out signals (i.e. GPIOs, ADC, PWM, CAN, SPI etc.).

The board is compatible with the ALLIT ARM Framework including a port of FreeRTOS and Light-weight IP (lwIP).

It is available at academic pricing to all CEED students and members of the Vulcan network.

LPC-2388 ARM Board
LPC-2388 ARM Board bottom view