Tukky Lamp Emergency Edition Series A

 The Tukky Lamp Emergency Light Edition comes in several varieties based on our LED panel modules which can replace about every incandescent or halogen light bulb such as E14, E27, PAR38, M16, H3 and many others.

Series A offers bulb replacement (AR) or complete lamps (AL) for industrial applications.
Series AL features an IP45 to IP68
With corridor lights in mind Series AL-1 provides energy-saving but powerful replacements for halogen spotlights commonly used for in emergency lamps.

 AL-1-RD8-4W models feature up to 200 lm output using 8 high-power LEDs in cool white and a standard operating life of 50,000 hrs. They come in automotive grade IP67 enclosures with impact resistant glass lens, shatter proof reflector and adjustable mounting bracket. They are thin to fit into narrow spaces and feature a 90° beam angle to light larger areas and to avoid the spotlight effect in emergency lighting situations often caused by narrow beam halogen reflectors.
AL-1-RD1-20W models feature up to 1250 lm output in cool white using a 20W high-power LED module. This LED is powerful enough to outshine most 55W halogen bulbs. As such they provide bright emergency lighting over a 90° beam angle with a life time > 50,000h.
The A1 series features models
 with AC/DC power adapter to connect to any UPS powered 110 - 230 VAC circuit
with DC/DC regulator for 6V or 12V backup batteries.
ALLIT also offers complete battery back-up packs with typical operating times from between 4hrs to 48hrs with optional high-grade industrial enclosure for direct mounting of the lights. With Tukky lamp you are free to chose from many types of industrial batteries incl. sealed lead acid, Ni-MH, Li-Ion and even car batteries with up to 200Ah.
These battery packs also feature a Carrot Sensor upgrade module to remotely monitor emergency lighting events, battery status and other sensor data such as temperature, humidity, fire and smoke detection over the network using wireless or wired options.
This product was developed with support by ITAP.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 27 December 2008 )