ALLIT develops real time gold spot market feed

ALLIT Joomla Goldshop Module 1.0

Real-time market information is critical for every successful commodities trader and investor. Yet, a lot of the information in tickers and widgets is unreliable and often many minutes old. Also, most spot prices from foreign exchanges are inconvenient to convert to the constantly fluctuating exchange rate and do not take into account calculation factors for the Thai gold trader.

In this respect, ALLIT has developed a real-time Thai spot price cloud service that is available for the popular Joomla platform and allows gold shop owners to take back control of their pricing while staying in touch with the spot market price derived from a combination of indices and futures. This allows every owner to provide their customers with an up-to-date price for immediate settlement that goes beyond AM/PM fixings and is simple to install on their platform without the need of module updates, complicated installations or having to run their own feed server - everything is provided by the cloud.

Version 1.0 is already in deployment with leading gold traders while upcoming version 2.0 will provide additional analytical back-end tools and more fine grained, automated price control.

ALLIT Goldshop Module supports Joomla version 2.5 on Linux and Windows platforms and doesn't require Java or Flash like other products.