URS Roadmap sneak-preview

Testing motion control with test unit

On the occasion of the press conference Saturday, June 15, 2013, we had the pleasure to provide a sneak preview at our new robotics development in cooperation with Cho Thavee Doll PLC - the VR7.

The VR7 is an advanced robotic welding solution aimed at automotive and metal working applications. The baseline R&D for this new product was started in early 2010 while the VR7 project launch was in autumn of 2012. The VR7 is the first discrete solution of the Universal Robotic System (URS) roadmap which is being developed exclusively with our partner, CTV Doll PLC.

Amongst other it includes:

- robotic arm assemblies with up to 6 axis

- linear actuators

- motion control SW as well as CAD / CAM tool-chain integration

- vision and smart inventory systems

- positioning systems

- robotic tool packs

- smart bench and conveyor systems

The system is designed for easy operation with a new revolutionary computer assisted work-flow paradigm. It allows for set-up and teaching of robotic welding routines without intrinsic know-how of robotic / G-CODE programming. Furthermore, change-over cycle times can be cut as much as 50% - ideal for workshops with many different designs and lower production volumes.

VR7 work-space is one of the largest for a standard unit with over 400 cm of effective work-space.

Notably, the URS roadmap aims at the creation of an open and flexible system design integrating open source software such as LinuxCNC as well as commonly available machine parts and camera systems.

ALLIT is joined by leading Thai and international experts in robotics, mechatronics and image processing. 

The VR7 targets emerging markets in SE-Asia, Africa and S-America and will be competitively priced for SMEs.