ALLIT welcomes new partners in Africa

ALLIT is excited to announce its partnership with Ukulima Upya - New Farming - in Kenya to bring our portfolio of IoT smart farming solutions to the East-African Community (EAC) market. Africa represents one of the world's most dynamic markets for agritronics driven by a young generation of new entrepreneurs and an ever improving workforce of agro-engineers.

Our open standard, open platform solutions comprising of the Karrot Sensor Line of smart farm automation units, Froggie AEMI weather-stations and environmental sensors and TGE products will enable smart farmers to leap-frog a generation in farm automation and apply high-end solutions at affordable prices. Modularity and scalability are designed to enable a large segment of farmers to increase productivity and quality. Our multi-year roadmap is aimed at establishing a strong permanent presence in the African markets and integrate into the local agro-economy beyond mere export. This includes technology transfer, training and human resource development, empowerment of SMEs and the establishment of a production facility within the next 5 years.

ALLIT wins PEA mini-hackaton

1st price Solar Floating Hackaton
We are very grateful that our input the to Solar Floating Hackaton won us 1st price in the competition. Our submitted design and live prototype demonstration centered around our Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) roadmap which includes Hybrid Battery Management Systems (HBMS) using a combination of LiFePO4 battery packs and super-capacitor banks. The system is modular, stackable and repairable and designed and build in Thailand. It allows for higher solar plant efficiency and can absorb high peak loads in real time while forming a smart energy matrix made of a fully managed solar cluster nodes.

The system is currently in the process of commercialization. Early adopters kindly contact our sales division ( sales(at) ).

Latest PM2.5 measurement station model released with Swiss sensor

We are pleased to present the latest addition to our WNDS WiFi IoT sensor line featuring precision particulate sensors from Switzerland and temperature, humidity and air pressure sensors from Germany. The fine dust sensors is MCERTS certified to European Air Quality Standard DIN EN 15267 and comes with the latest temperature and moisture auto-compensation firmware with over-the-air automatic upgrades.

The WNDS-01-7S also has an upgraded built-in UPS featuring an 18650 Li-Ion battery and advanced protective elements for prolonged device life.

For more information please contact our sales at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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WNDS PM2.5 Network Sensor DEPA Promotion

New PM 2.5 monitoring cloud sensor launched

Network Dust Sensor for PM2.5
We are proud to present the latest generation smart IoT PM 2.5 cloud sensor. It can measure PM 1.0, PM 2.5 and PM 10 with great accuracy and send the data to various cloud services on the Internet for display on our app, dashboards or GIS applications.

This new model comes with built-in WiFi support and rechargeable Li-Ion backup battery to support continuous operation even in the event of a longer power outage. It also features precision humidity / temperature and barometric pressure sensors as well as optional support for GPS and several other sensor options.

It also has an optional smart-vehicle / smart-bus kit for mobile measurements.

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Froggy weather stations

ALLIT @ Thailand Green Design Award

ALLIT receives prize at Thailand Green Design Award 2018
ALLIT is proud to announce having made First Runner-up Business Enterprise "Energy Saving" and the Thailand Green Design Awards 2018 for our series of repairable, recyclable, upgradeable and modular high-end LED lamp of the Tukky Lamp series.


Froggie Weatherstations Series

Weather station project signing ceremony

ALLIT is proud to announce the launch of its new weather station series which incorporates R&D parts licensed from Khon Kaen University under its 'from research to production' initiative.

The state-of-the-art design will form a platform for professional environmental and meteorological real-time measurements - combining rugged design, precision and modularity with a friendly price-tag. Applications include public and private weather monitoring, smart farming and industrial automation.


Innovative selective soldering nozzles launched

Selective soldering in lead-free is a very demanding application. Most solder nozzles in the market feature only a limited life-time and have to be replaced frequently. As such the cost of spare-parts and downtimes, rework and service has become a key constraint to the quickly growing field of selective soldering applications.

On request of a renowned producer of automatic selective soldering machines we have developed a series of high temperature nozzles that can outperform the competition by longevity, design and operating cost. The TGE-HTN series resists corrosion in oxidizing atmospheres to temperatures of over 750°C far above the required operating temperature for lead-free solder. This is being accomplished by the use of advanced ceramics and nano-material coatings developed by ALLIT.

The TGE-HTN series is also a uniquely modular design with a replaceable tip and inlays - much like a fountain pen. This simplifies service and reduces cost as you don't have to remove the entire nozzle any more to change wave pattern or replace a tip.

TGE HTN Selective Soldering Nozzles

But this isn't all: it also applies a new patent pending wave guide design that allows to shape the solder wave in 3 dimensions and provides for a wide variety of wave shapes to fit your soldering application. Retrofitting has never been that easy!

There are a total of 30 standard models available fitting practically all flow-rates and wave sizes and our quick custom adapter design service allows for easy integration in most machines.

The series is currently being integrated into Chinese selective soldering machines and will be distributed in China shortly - we will provide links to these products as soon as the machines are available.

Integrator and end-user retrofit requests are welcome. If you want to know more please contact us.


ALLIT awarded Corporate Governance Award

It is my pleasure to announce that ALLIT has been announced the winner of the 2016 Corporate Governance Award of Khon Kaen province in the SME category. The award was presented by the Governor of Khon Kaen Province, Mr. Pongsak Preechawit.
Khon Kaen Corporate Governance Award