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Froggy weather stations

ALLIT @ Thailand Green Design Award

ALLIT receives prize at Thailand Green Design Award 2018
ALLIT is proud to announce having made First Runner-up Business Enterprise "Energy Saving" and the Thailand Green Design Awards 2018 for our series of repairable, recyclable, upgradeable and modular high-end LED lamp of the Tukky Lamp series.


Froggy Weatherstations Series

Weather station project signing ceremony

ALLIT is proud to announce the launch of its new weather station series which incorporates R&D parts licensed from Khon Kaen University under its 'from research to production' initiative.

The state-of-the-art design will form a platform for professional environmental and meteorological real-time measurements - combining rugged design, precision and modularity with a friendly price-tag. Applications include public and private weather monitoring, smart farming and industrial automation.

Innovative selective soldering nozzles launched

Selective soldering in lead-free is a very demanding application. Most solder nozzles in the market feature only a limited life-time and have to be replaced frequently. As such the cost of spare-parts and downtimes, rework and service has become a key constraint to the quickly growing field of selective soldering applications.

On request of a renowned producer of automatic selective soldering machines we have developed a series of high temperature nozzles that can outperform the competition by longevity, design and operating cost. The TGE-HTN series resists corrosion in oxidizing atmospheres to temperatures of over 750°C far above the required operating temperature for lead-free solder. This is being accomplished by the use of advanced ceramics and nano-material coatings developed by ALLIT.

The TGE-HTN series is also a uniquely modular design with a replaceable tip and inlays - much like a fountain pen. This simplifies service and reduces cost as you don't have to remove the entire nozzle any more to change wave pattern or replace a tip.

TGE HTN Selective Soldering Nozzles

But this isn't all: it also applies a new patent pending wave guide design that allows to shape the solder wave in 3 dimensions and provides for a wide variety of wave shapes to fit your soldering application. Retrofitting has never been that easy!

There are a total of 30 standard models available fitting practically all flow-rates and wave sizes and our quick custom adapter design service allows for easy integration in most machines.

The series is currently being integrated into Chinese selective soldering machines and will be distributed in China shortly - we will provide links to these products as soon as the machines are available.

Integrator and end-user retrofit requests are welcome. If you want to know more please contact us.


ALLIT awarded Corporate Governance Award

It is my pleasure to announce that ALLIT has been announced the winner of the 2016 Corporate Governance Award of Khon Kaen province in the SME category. The award was presented by the Governor of Khon Kaen Province, Mr. Pongsak Preechawit.
Khon Kaen Corporate Governance Award



ALLIT develops new multipurpose dispensing valve

In the past year we had received inquiries by electronics and pharmaceutical companies regarding the development of customized dispensing, glueing and fluxing valves. When reviewing existing designs we discovered that many specialized valves were coming in at a high price point, yet offered little flexibility nor easy maintenance. In fact, most valves are not designed to be serviced, they are designed to be replaced. While this might be economical for a USD 20 valve it might represent a problem for companies running machines with hundreds of valve at USD 200 and above.

In this respect we have come up with a new modular, multi-purpose valve that combines a unified valve body with different actuator and nozzle options. What's more the valve can operate over a wide pressure range and offer as many as 8 different operational modes ranging from pulse mode to continuous operation. It can cope with fluids as light as flux and as thick as solder paste or glue.

The valve body comes in two form factor compatible versions made either of SS316 or PEEK thermoplastic making it both FDA compliant and highly corrosion resistant. What's more high end solenoid and seals components Made in USA as well as FKM seal rings provide for a long product life. But even if a seal, actuator or nozzle fails it can be replaced easily without the need to purchase a new valve.

In addition to the above military grade thermal design and electronic solenoid drivers further extend product life while saving power and reducing component wear.

The new product will first be introduced in Q1/2017 via system builders to the Chinese and SE-Asia markets with a range of selective soldering configurations.

 ALLIT UniNOZ multi-functional valve


ALLIT develops innovative IR heating panels

Nano material IR emitter plate
IR emitter plate
ALLIT has developed a new low-cost infra-red (IR) heating panel applying several advanced material coatings produced in-house. The technology had originally been developed for the production of non-structural semiconductor substrates used in solid state lighting assemblies. However, the low cost and advanced properties of the materials made them suitable for other industrial applications requiring customized thermal properties.

The innovative panels are initially aimed at replacing overpriced IR curing solutions in SMT assemblies where the price is created by lack of cheaper alternatives. Using three entirely different layers of nano and micro materials with different properties the panels form a high-quality metal assembly with excellent thermal emissivity. Its design is aimed at reducing the energy consumption of power hungry heater panels by up to 50% resulting in an immediate saving for the operator. At the same time panels cost roughly half of similar panels but in stark contrast are made of a higher percentage of valuable standard materials such as steel and aluminium.

The materials used are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and also protect the panels from corrosion for a very, very long time. They are also extremely heat resistant allowing operations of up to 900°C depending on the heating element type. The standard panels for SMT are optimized for a heating range of up to 400°C in continuous operation and are based on 1,000W heating elements.

The panels will be initially introduced to the SMT market via our Chinese partner company specialized in SMT ovens.

The coating solutions will also be made available for other industrial high-temperature applications as well as specialized corrosion protection solutions.

รางวัลชนะเลิศ ระดับประเทศ STI Award 2015

ALLIT signs MoU WIth Mahasarakham University

ALLIT Mahasarakham University MoU 2015

It is my pleasure to announce the formal signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with our long term academic partner organization - Mahasarakham University (MSU).

Over the past 7 years ALLIT has welcomed many dozen university students, post-graduates and staff members at CEED training courses and internships. Furthemore, we have extended collaboration on joint research in the field of mechatronics and robotic vision systems.

MSU is one of the most active universities in NE-Thailand and has become an integral part in our research and human resources development strategy.


ALLIT electronic dimming ballast wins 1st place in SME section

STI Award 2015 1st place in SME section for electronic dimming ballast















I am happy to announce that we have received the prestigious STI Award 2015 for our new industrial electronic dimming ballast and control system.

The ELDB combines state-of-the-art energy saving features and reduces electronic waste by being repairable. Unlike most other smart ballasts it combines with a multi-channel, multi-mode and multi-standard control system designed for reducing deployment cost in industrial and farming applications. One controller can control up to six channels with up to 20 fluorescent ballasts each without the need of an expensive communications modem or new wiring. At the same time the control system features sensor inputs and digital outputs while being able to communicate via standard bus systems, WiFi, LAN, ZigBee, Bluetooth or power line communication.

Moreover, the product supports full color mixing using inexpensive fluorescent lamps including many advanced color spaces such as RGB, RGB-Y, RGB-WW, RGB-CW, RGB-UV etc. This fits the special needs of not only architectural but also agricultural, live stock and industrial applications.

Examples are chicken houses, green houses, food processing and food displays.