JOB Assistant to the President

Job profile:

As Assistant to the President, you will work in direct chain of command from the President with no other directives. Your main jobs are liaison, information gathering, interfacing, passing on tasks to staff members, organizing schedules for the President, reporting and contacting.

Your job requires you to have excellent skills in English language as you will be liaising with key account customers from all over the world. Systematic work and at least 3 years of experience in a similar position with good references are a prerequisite.

Good understanding of ICT is an advantage as are troubleshooting skills for project related or import / export business. Negotiation, mediation, problem solving and improvisation are your daily routine. As Assistant to the President you are capable of working within the framwork of guidelines and procedures and committed to enforce a high standard of work in the chain of command. You have a good eye on to detect communication deficits and are able to identify misunderstandings or the need of setting up a meeting before missing information causes unnecessary the loss of time. You are willing to dig deep for information and overcome any obstancles or resistance in the information gathering process to create transparency for the boss.

Your reporting skills enable you to structure information and highlight important topics without a lot of clutter. You are able to present summaries of activities and working metrics and are capable of presenting your findings in a professional way.

Good organizational skills as well as capability of transferring tasks to staff members are equally important as controlling performance, standard and timeliness of work.

You have excellent knowledge of your software tools required for your work and can use MS Word, MS, Excel, MS Outlook and MS Powerpoint professionally - that means that making an advanced Excel chart or a serial letter from Outlook contacts is not a new thing for you.

You are independent but dependable.

When working with files, you will maintain a professional standard of indexing, sorting and archiving information.

You are able to maintain a professional spirit even if under stress and time constraint.

You are a Thai national, not under 25 years old and have a driving license.

This position is offered only under a minimum contract time of 2 years.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 20 January 2008 )