Mission statement

ALLIT is a R&D and engineering centric production firm.

We offer OEM, ODM and original ALLIT products as well as a wide range of ICT services such as hardware, firmware and software development and industrial training.

ALLIT's main focus is on embedded systems such as GPS tracking devices, network sensors and industrial / agricultural control units. We have a strong focus on wireless technologies and are a developer of mesh network technology. Most of our systems are centered around MCUs based on ARM core and our development includes TCP/IP stacks, RF communication, realtime operating systems as well as bus protocols and client/server applications.

In 2006 ALLIT launched the Center of Excellence in Embedded Development (CEED) that since has successfully trained many engineers from all over Thailand.

Since late 2007 ALLIT is developing solid state and other energy saving lighting solutions. It is our goal to provide high-quality long life lighting elements with high wuality at an affordable price.

In 2008 ALLIT has started development on new alternative energy generators with focus on hybrid solar thermal designs. ALLIT has also launched R&D into energy saving ventilation for office buildings and factories as well as solar desiccation plants.

It is our mission to provide our customer with the best, holistic and encompassing ICT services. While focusing on the present as concerns readiness, affordability, maturity, degree of sophistication, availability of products, know-how and services, future-proveness and compatibility of technologies, we also do not neglect the constant R&D necessary to stay at the cutting edge of emerging technologies.

We follow the trend but not every hype and are not deterred by challenging development objectives.

We believe that a network of core competent people is the right solution and do not think that quantity or size can replace quality and qualification. 

Last Updated (Tuesday, 13 January 2009)