ALLIT receives ISO/IEC 29110 : 2011 Certificate

It is my pleasure to announce that ALLIT has successfully completed recertification for ISO/IEC 29110 : 2011 'Project Management and Software Implementation Processes'.

ALLIT ISO/IEC 29110 : 2011 Certificate



R&D provider certification

ALLIT has achieved accreditation as R&D provider with the revenue department (see attachment) effective December 6, 2011. The announcement has been published in the Royal Gazette.

This means that our customers are entitled to a tax write-off of 200% from any of their R&D projects outsourced to ALLIT - the same percentage you receive from a contribution to an education facility. This makes us one of only a handful companies in Khon Kaen having received this status.

ALLIT now combines

- Thai Consultant Certification (MoF)
- R&D provider (MoF)
- ISO/IEC 29110
- ISO/TQS 15504
- BoI Zone 3 privileges

with an advanced industrial design cycle headed by our industrial consultant pool.

Be sure to make use of our expertise in automation, embedded systems, solid state lighting, alternative energy, agritronics and software for your development needs.



Thai Consultant Certification

ALLIT is a certified and registered consultant with the Ministry of Finance under the Thai Consultant system since 2010. Having received an A-Grade rating in the field of industrial consultancy enables us to participate in large public tenders with over THB 50,000,000 requiring Thai Consultant certification.

The certificate requires a clean track record of performance over a period of minimum three years with project budgets not under THB 500,000. It also is subject to re-evaluation every two years.

There are only 178 companies in Thailand (as of 01/2012) having received this certification and even fewer with active status. ALLIT is currently the only company holding an active certificate in Khon Kaen Province and all of NE-Thailand.


ISO/IEC 29110

ALLIT has completed another standards certification - ISISO / IEC 29110 Basic ProfileO/IEC 29110 - underlining our effort to constantly improve and validate our software development standard.

The certificate No. TH/IF29110/00028/2011 (valid for 2011/2012) makes us one of only a few certified software developers in the region.

ALLIT is a leading independent developer of embedded software, client / server applications and industrial automation packages. Our products include car parking management systems, automated in-circuit software, web-applications and home-automation.





The network

ALLIT has industry-wide, direct and close contacts with major producers, implementers and consultants in the ICT sector. The later enable us to set-up production ventures and project consortia for our clients in very short time while providing holistic project management and leadership.








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Professional Affiliations

ALLIT is a member of the following standards organizations and industrial associations:

  • BLUETOOTHALLIT is Bluetooth adopter member since 2004 and a producer of Bluetooth devices, modules and chipsets which integrate Bluetooth ASICs.
  • GS1(formerly) EAN ALLIT is a member of the EAN / GS1 standard.
  • UNS Consortium ALLIT is currently leading the Universal Navigation System (UNS) Consortium.
  • Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) ALLIT is a member of FTI supporting local and regional industrial development.
  • The Khon Kaen Chamber of Commerce Serving, strenghtening and expanding local industry in our home town of Khon Kaen, the gateway to north-east Thailand which is also called Isan in Thai language. Located along the major traffic routes between India, China and SE-Asia Khon Kaen is the ideal industrial hub for companies investing in Thailand.

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In 2004 ALLIT relocated its headquarter to Khon Kaen, Thailand.

At present we maintain 600m2 in the Industrial Promotion Center Region 5 featuring office, warehousing, laboratory and factory space.

Our facilities are equipped with modern workstations, servers, Gigabit Ethernet and wireless LAN as well as permently expanding laboratory facilities. Amongst others we feature computer interfaced

  • Spectrum Analyzers up to 3 Ghz
  • Oscilloscopes up to 10 GS/s
  • Logic analyzers
  • A-GPS basestations, receiver SDKs and software
  • ARM MCU toolkits from Philips and TI
  • MCU toolkits from ATMEL ATMEGA, PICs etc.
  • Bluetooth SDKs for CSR ASICs
  • RF toolkits from CSR, Chipcon (TI), Nordic
  • Microscope cameras for VI / QC
  • Solid state lighting testing chamber

Our facilities are equipped with SMD rework stations and our labs are working lead-free for the safety of our staff.

Our lab is equipped with a stock of over 100,000 components for product development.

We also maintain a prototyping machine park for drilliing, milling, tooling and PCB development.

We also maintain 150 sqm of additional warehousing facilities in nearby buildings.

Khon Kaen reference A-GPS services are served to the global network from our facilities.



TQS/ISO 15504

It is my pleasure to announce to you that All Information Technologies Co., Ltd. (ALLIT) has successfully completed the certification for Thai Quality Software (TQS) Standard / ISO 15504.

TQS implements many elements of ISO 15504 (often referred to as SPICE for 'Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination') which is a standard framework for the assessment of processes as applicable in the software industry. It also contains many elements of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) the successor of the CMM standard and as such combines the best features of the two major standards.

ALLIT will continue its efforts to implement international standards throughout its business processes in order to provide the best products and services to its customers.

We would like to express our thanks to the Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) for their support for this certification program.

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Mission statement

ALLIT is a R&D and engineering centric production firm.

We offer OEM, ODM and original ALLIT products as well as a wide range of ICT services such as hardware, firmware and software development and industrial training.

ALLIT's main focus is on embedded systems such as GPS tracking devices, network sensors and industrial / agricultural control units. We have a strong focus on wireless technologies and are a developer of mesh network technology. Most of our systems are centered around MCUs based on ARM core and our development includes TCP/IP stacks, RF communication, realtime operating systems as well as bus protocols and client/server applications.

In 2006 ALLIT launched the Center of Excellence in Embedded Development (CEED) that since has successfully trained many engineers from all over Thailand.

Since late 2007 ALLIT is developing solid state and other energy saving lighting solutions. It is our goal to provide high-quality long life lighting elements with high wuality at an affordable price.

In 2008 ALLIT has started development on new alternative energy generators with focus on hybrid solar thermal designs. ALLIT has also launched R&D into energy saving ventilation for office buildings and factories as well as solar desiccation plants.

It is our mission to provide our customer with the best, holistic and encompassing ICT services. While focusing on the present as concerns readiness, affordability, maturity, degree of sophistication, availability of products, know-how and services, future-proveness and compatibility of technologies, we also do not neglect the constant R&D necessary to stay at the cutting edge of emerging technologies.

We follow the trend but not every hype and are not deterred by challenging development objectives.

We believe that a network of core competent people is the right solution and do not think that quantity or size can replace quality and qualification. 

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Company structure

 The company is represented by the following officials:

Board Members:Boss

- President / R. Pitayataratorn
- Vice-President & Marketing / T. Pitayataratorn
- Director for International Marketing, M.D. LaSpina

Head of Science Division:
- Dr. S. Laohasiriwong  

Head of Systems Design:
- P. Sriruntorn

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Company origins

ALLIT LogoAll Information Technologies (ALLIT) was founded in 2001 by R. Pitayataratorn as a personally owned business and registered with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce as an IT service provider.

ALLIT has since been a leading provider of ICT services world-wide with over 100 project references. Our team is composed of an energetic young work-force led by senior experts - many on the frontline since the late 80ies.

In 2004 decision was made to expand our human resources and development infrastructure while improving cost structure and providing better access to Pacific-Rim markets. In result, All Information Technologies Co., Ltd. (ALLIT) was founded as new production and engineering center located in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Today, ALLIT has a team of over 20 engineers with over 200 business partners in Asia, Europe and the U.S. Since 2004 the company has experienced steady growth and become a recognized player in Thailand's ICT industry.