IoT sound level metering sensors for noise pollution monitoring

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Froggy Sound Level Meter Sensor
Industrial facilities and urban areas alike are subject to increased noise pollution. The later often requires long term monitoring and real-time status information. Our new IoT network sensor applies the latest advances in miniature omni-directional microphone technology and combines them with high-precision components for ANSI and IEC standards compliance. Latest release samples have confirmed the system performance with calibration performed using state-of-the-art testing machines and pink-noise generators @ JVS / ProAudio labs.

The new sound level meter has been developed in collaboration with FahPah Electronics - specialists in embedded sensors and precision instruments. The smart sensor features a measurement range of 80 dB with a maximum SPL of 135dB, low power consumption and high-linearity. It's fully digital output allows easy integration into IoT appliances while it is compatible with the Froggy Weatherstation system and can be combined with other environmental sensors from our series for an out-of-the-box IoT smart environmental solution.

The system is available for pre-ordering now with series production starting this month.