Robotic precision welding wire feeder

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This is the latest variant of our new welding wire feeder. Different from other common models it features a strong worm gear box and powerful closed loop stepper motor allowing precision control of wire speeds even at high feed-rates.

The stepper motor also comes with a matching closed loop stepper drive and has ready-made software support for KFLOP host-controllers from Dynomotion using the VR-7 Robotics Software Suite 1.2 and later. It can also be controlled easily via STEP & DIRECTION signals from any other controller supporting this method. Technically, even an Arduino board can drive the wire feeder.

We are also readying an RS485 / Modbus interface board allowing to connect the feeder to OTC wire welding models such as DM350.
The TGE-AF5 welding wire feeder is ready for pre-ordering.
Wire Feeder TGE-AF5